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Extensive driver background check
Annual drug testing for drivers
Latest safety training
GPS dispatched vans
Licensed & insured corporation 
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Annual driver reviews
Smoke free vans
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This is our special discount service to: Winston-Salem, Greensboro & High Point NC. Only $79 for door to door transportation to & from Charlotte Douglas Int'l. Airport!
Direct shuttle will bring you to/from Charlotte Douglas International Airport from just about anywhere. Simply put in your desired location to see your price and book online today! 
Enjoy the lowest fare from our group pickup locations at: Charlotte Airport, Winston-Salem (Hanes Mall), Greensboro Airport, & Four Seasons Town Centre, Greensboro NC.

5253 Old Dowd Rd. Suite 3, Charlotte NC 28208
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The Drivers were great and on time. You guys get a 10 on all counts. I saw a TV commercial about your service. I intend to use you again. Also, I don’t respond to surveys, so I really appreciated your service and like that you are a locally based company. I will recommend you to others!
John S.

The trip was great - I really like Josh - he's a really nice guy - very friendly! He was on time - drove perfectly (in pouring rain), the car was clean (a 10) and the overall experience was a 10. I first heard about you via your TV ad - and we have now used this service 4 times. I have recommended it to friends - including Aladdin Travel Agency. You should contact them as well.
Nancy B.

Your service was outstanding. On time and your Best Driver Chris . I have been spreading the word for u in Greensboro . Now if I can just make your 11 am back to G'boro all will be Perfect. I will call from the gate and take the shuttle so hope I can make it. Thanks u are the Greatest.
Jeffrie M.
Why we're better than Uber

1.  Get a real person on the phone, Uber has no customer service, oh and we're cheaper.

2.  We are a REAL company, with REAL commercial insurance...Uber drivers don't use commercial insurance, that's not good.

3.  Our drivers work directly for us and are accountable to us.  Our drivers go thru strict criminal background and drug testing...Uber driver's don't.

4.  Our vehicles are always maintained to the highest standards and are legally permitted by 3 state agencies to operate.  Uber cars are Joe Blow off the street...that's not safe.

5.  Uber loves to hit you with surge pricing, costing your wallet dearly, ouch!

6.  Uber puts "ghost cars" on your App to make it appear as they have an abundance of cars.

7.  Our drivers earn over 50% more on average than Uber drivers after expenses.  Living wage vs. corporate giant.  
Special pricing to/from...

-Charlotte Airport
-Winston-Salem, NC
-Greensboro, NC
-High Point, NC

...Reliable, low cost airport transportation service.